What is powerful enough to unite millions of people across the world?

International Women’s Day

Join PMI UK in cooperation with Chapters worldwide as we celebrate International Women's Day with a special 12-hour online event. We invite members and non-members to join us on 8 March 2023 as we share ideas to inspire, engage and mobilize to help us unite and build a better future together.


This year IWD 2023 focuses on #EmbraceEquity.


We are working to create a day filled with sessions, speakers, and exhibitions that will Inspire, Engage and Mobilize you. This event is open to all and free. Let's create a community that is ready to share, and unite behind values of equity and diversity. And then, let's go further to build individual skills and capabilities we each can use to improve our leadership by example. Will you join us?



Let's take stock of where we are in 2023. Celebrate our successes, and refocus our energy to identify and address the equity gaps and opportunities to overcome obstacles.



Let's create a community that is more connected, encouraging, and involved in change.



Are you ready to mobilize? Great! Here are three actions you can take today:


1. Share this invitation with others. Sharing our message is one big way to impact the day's value.

2. Register for the event. The event is free, so mark your calendar and plan to join us. We will send you messages to let you know how to log in and share a video on how to get the most from the day.

3. Add yourself to the community. Post a photo based on this year's theme with the hashtags #EmbraceEquity and #PMIIWD2023 (Attach a local #EmbraceEquite photo here)


Thank you for helping us unite and mobilize to make a more equitable world. See you on 8 March 2023. Register at: