The Think Box

What is the Think Box?

The Think Box is a way to bring together a tailored collection of resources all about Sustainable Development and Project Management. It’s a mix of case studies, thought leadership and broad summaries and introductions to different themes. And there should be something for everyone – whether this is your first year on the job, or you’re the CEO.

We’re hoping to build our online-video library here – please get in touch if there’s a theme you think should be covered, or if you are interested in contributing.

The role of project managers in influencing change

Project managers are central to being the enablers to get transformation done. With an overview across project disciplines and a role that is all about integrating teams together, we can be at the heart of change.

The learning curve

Another reason for having the Think Box is that we don’t have time for new ideas to drift into the industry. We need to pull together to bring about Sustainable Development, and not just in the UK. We’ve got a clear deadline – the UN SDGs by 2030.

So let’s use this place as a pinboard for ideas so that we can share them quickly. Think of this as a long-term knowledge-sharing hackathon. And let us know what works for you – we need this to work – we all need this to work.