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The Sustainability Community of Action came out of COP26, which was held in Glasgow in 2021.

In response to COP26, members of PMI UK held a series of talks called “Transforming The Net Zero Landscape Through The Power Of Projects”. (Check out the Webinar library)

In April 2022, as part of the follow up from COP26, we held a storytelling event to launch the Sustainability Community of Action.

Please check out the:

Webinar library

Think Box Page


Over the last year, we’ve been developing the SCoA, liaising with like-minded groups and recruiting core members to develop a group structure.

This has led to the 2023 ‘7 minutes and counting’ series, which we launched in February 2022.

We are working with groups like Project Managers Declare to understand how to optimise our efforts towards transforming project management for a sustainable future.