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Thought Leadership

As part of COP26 and the PMI UK Net Zero conference, Arup and PMI UK collaborated on developing a thought leadership series covering the four COP26 goals of

1. Energy Transition

2. Development of Low Carbon Transport

3. Climate ready liveable cities

4. Blue-Green infrastructure – nature-based solutions

A series of four videos were developed to provide practical case studies of societies response to the challenges and also examples of the project and programme managers role which can inspire others and see what they can do to participate.

The videos are intended as a record of what is happening, to stimulate further thought leadership and action – and in particular set the scene for further opportunities to learn and share learning across the PMI UK community during 2022   

See links to other videos that will be highlighted in this series:

Dame Jo da Silva, An Introduction to COP26

Heidi Genoni, Hy4Heat

Jess Kennedy, Wild West End

The role of project managers in influencing change

The exciting thing for project managers about achieving Net Zero in the UK, is it's not just about the sustained rollout of new technologies and low carbon infrastructure. Most of the effort is about achieving behavioural and societal changes involving huge engagement with stakeholders. So, project managers are central to being the enablers and the integrators to get that done.

What can you do as a project manager to make a difference on your projects?

You can do a lot we can all do a lot. It starts from selecting the clients and the projects you want to work with. 

- Do you get involved in some of the strategic direction at the very start of the project when you're influencing a project blueprint? And what some of the desired outcomes are of that project? 


- Do you get involved in the operational direction; the way you're procuring the way you're setting out client requirements?

- Do you get involved in the delivery of those projects, the way you're reporting, the way you're capturing key performance indicators?

You can influence every outcome in the projects you're working on. 

Five things that any project or programme manager can do to transform the Net Zero landscape

1. How can we deepen our relationships and our influence to build credibility?

2. How can we collaborate through joint events and communications?

3. How can we contribute meaningfully to initiatives that are driving systemic change?

4. How can we catalyse and accelerate action by the project management profession?

5. How can we all make a commitment and that could be signing up to project managers declare, or it could be setting your own net zero operations target validated by science-based targets and the Race to Zero?

About Rob Leslie Carter

Rob Leslie-Carter is a Director with Arup based in London. He has worked around the world with Arup for over 25 years, and specialises in the planning, set-up, leadership and delivery of complex infrastructure and property projects both on client side and as leader of multidisciplinary teams.

His project track record includes the Beijing Olympics Water Cube, the Laban Dance School in Deptford, New Acton Nishi in Canberra, Greenhouse by Joost in Sydney, and currently Europe’s biggest project High Speed 2.

Rob is a regular public speaker on leadership, project management, organisational culture, the future of work, and the road to Net Zero, and is a guest lecturer at the Bartlett at UCL and previously at University of New South Wales.