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When does the event start?

The main programme of keynote addresses, workshops and panel discussion runs between 1100 and 1600 on Tuesday 19th October and Wednesday 20th October 2021.

Hopin will be open for you to join the event from 1400 on Monday 18th October to check out the exhibitors in the Learning Zone and familiarise yourself with the platform.

Where can I see the running order?

You can see the running order for the event on the event home page of Hopin and on the conference website here.

Will I be able to join the event at any time?

You can join and re-join the event at any point, but you may miss some of the speakers if you do!

What is Hopin?

Hopin is an all-in-one events platform chosen to make sure you get the most out of your virtual event experience. It provides a stage for keynote and other speakers, sessions for panel discussions and workshops networking opportunities and a Leaning Zone with exhibitor booths. You can watch a short intro to Hopin here

How can I ensure a smooth experience on Hopin?
As Hopin is a bit more demanding than Teams or Zoom, we suggest you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser to connect. Both browsers are fully compatible with Hopin. For Mac users Safari works but may have video connection glitches. Further information on browser compatibility, click here
Should I wear a headset?

Yes please, especially if you plan to actively contribute to workshops and network with others. This will help you to hear others and be heard more clearly and avoid background noise/feedback.

Can I access the event on my smartphone?

If you choose to access the event on your phone, please download the app for IOS or Android here.

Why can’t I access the Hopin platform?

Occasionally company firewalls will block the Hopin platform. This is easily sorted by emailing your IT support this link.

Can I try out the Hopin platform before the day of the Conference?

The Hopin conference site will be open from 1400 BST the day before the conference. So, on Monday 18th October why not log on, have a look around and familiarise yourself with the event programme and the Hopin platform. Tech support will be available to help you with any difficulties.

How do I register for the event?

Just follow this link to register for the event. The conference is free to PMI UK members and partner organisations and £30 +VAT for non-members.

How do I set up my profile?

During the registration process you will be asked to create your Hopin account. It is helpful if you can add a profile picture and contact details and social media links, such as Linkedin and Twitter. This will enhance your ability to network.

Who can register for the event?

The conference is free to PMI UK Chapter members. If you are a member of PMI global, but have not yet joined the Chapter, you can save yourself $40! Join PMI UK for 12 months free of charge using the Chapter Guest Pass Scheme (code:C075100PCT) using this link 

Is there a deadline to register for the event?

You can register for the conference at any time before or during the event. However, we would encourage you to register well in advance to familiarise yourself with the event platform and create your personalised agenda.

Where can I connect with other delegates attending the event?

You can connect with other delegates using the built in Hopin match-making feature. You can also connect with others via direct chat, private video call and by setting up your own meetings or breakout sessions.

Do I need a webcam to connect with other delegates?

You will need a webcam if you wish to participate in video calls, e.g., as part of networking and when participating in workshop sessions.

If I need to leave part way through or miss the conference, will it be recorded?

Yes. All presentations from the stage, workshop sessions and panel discussions will be recorded and made available after the conference on the PMI UK site. here.

Will there be support available to answer questions and help?

Yes. There will be named technical support team members on the day. If you have difficulty registering for the conference, please email

For further technical support check out the Hopin Knowledge Base here.

Hopin Delegate Self Help Desk

With a large number of attendees registered for the event, tech support may be stretched at peak times. Here are some ways to be ready, and solve any common issues:hopinpic

You should have received a confirmation e-mail containing the event link. If you did not receive this then please could you check your Spam folder. If it’s not there then it’s worth re-registering for the event under a personal e-mail address, as the link may have been filtered by your corporate system.

If you still cannot access the event first log in to Hopin then please use this link.

Run the event test

This checks your browser compatibility, audio and video, blockers and connection speed. It takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Link to event test here.

If it detects any problems then here’s some common solutions:


It is best to use a Desktop rather than pad or smartphone, and for audio a headset is ideal.


Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are fully compatible with Hopin. Safari and Internet Explorer/Edge/Chromium are not fully compatible. Using incognito mode in Chrome also eliminates some issues.

Refreshing the browser page also solves some issues during conference.

Camera and Audio Issues

Please check your browser preferences (permissions/ security settings) to make sure Hopin has permission to use your camera and mic.


A reasonable broadband connection is required for full conference connection, however you should still be able to view presentations and communicate within the chat boxes if the connection is below optimum speed.

Other Problems 

There is an excellent Hopin trouble shooting resource here.

Connection Support: