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PMI UK is continuously implementing added value projects to support project management professionals within various industries to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to excel in their careers in a more agile manner.

We are introducing a job search project which will help interns, junior, and senior professionals to locate highly anticipated opportunities within the United Kingdom market. This project is an extension of a unique community created by the chapter for its members called 'Project Visionaries' and is a part of its services to the project management community created for our active members, and non members of the chapter, who would like to explore the endless possibilities of joining in future.

To join the newly established 'project visionaries' community please follow this link and ask to join.

This portal will deliver carefully selected vacancies for the project management community which will be updated monthly, tailored to project management professional's needs who are looking to advance and change their careers.

For young people who are fresh out of college, the team will pre-select internship and junior positions to apply.

 Here is the best news - for those who find it challenging to find their first position in a project management field, the chapter has introduced a wider program, part of the project visionaries initiative, which will allow you to volunteer on a one year contract with the chapter. You will get much needed initial expertise working alongside program and portfolio managers of the largest private companies within the country, including the ministry of justice, ministry of defence,owners and leaders of high scale corporations. You will learn essential team skills, project management expertise, and receive much needed guidance spending less than three hours of free time per week.


To learn more about the possibilities please enrol in this project via the link.

Project Management Job Search Engine

The PMI UK Chapter has teamed up with Jooble, an international job search website, to provide our website users with a job search engine providing search results tailored to employment opportunities within the project management profession.

Jooble has been operating in the online recruitment market since 2006 and is used daily by millions of people in 71 countries. In its 15 years of existence, the company has gone from a startup founded by two students to a global employment platform.

Enter a city name into the search box below to find your next project management employment opportunity.