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PMI UK Webinar. 1st June 2018

PMI UK Webinar. 1st June 2018

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PMI UK Webinar

Discovery-Led Decision-Making

1st June 2018 at 12pm

Main speaker: Ben Shenoy

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Making strategic decisions is a fundamental skill for leaders and managers. However, in a business environment that is in a constant state of change, making strategic decisions has never been more difficult. Discovery-Led Decision Making addresses this challenge by providing a framework for making sound decisions in an uncertain world. Based on the core concepts of framing, experimenting and scaling, this approach ensures that efforts are focused where the need is greatest, that interventions are tested, evaluated and revised and that successful initiatives are effectively rolled out across the business.

Project Management topics covered:

Discovery-Led Decision-Making is an approach that builds on an agile approach to project management – specifically:

  • It articulates a more dynamic, fluid approach to strategy which aligns with agile project management;
  • It suggests that there are actually three different types of sprint, depending on the type of decision-making required to move things forward.

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