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PMI UK Webinar. 27th March 2018

PMI UK Webinar. 27th March 2018

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PMI UK Webinar

Earned Benefit Program Management

27th March 2018 at 12pm


Main Speaker: Kik Piney

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Modern project management has been developing its formal concepts, tools and techniques for seventy years or so. However, as organizations have realized the business and strategic value that projects can deliver, the project space has expanded to include programmes and portfolios of projects. We can all understand that when you progress from cooking meals to running a restaurant, the concepts, tools and techniques as well as the mindset that worked so well in your previous environment are no longer adequate or even applicable in your new environment. Programme and portfolio management deliver a similar culture shock in the field of project management.

The need to address this situation has led to a growing focus on benefits management – how to quantify, track and deliver value-added results from the outputs of the component projects.

This presentation will introduce a technique that is central to effective benefits management – benefits mapping. The power of this tool for integrating project planning with business forecasting will be explained. A case study example will show how this technique can help strategic planners avoid the sort of extremely costly false assumptions that the media take pleasure in exposing – but only after the event!

The main topics covered are

  • Where do programmes fit in?
  • How to model a programme
  • Roles and accountability in programme justification
  • Analyzing the programme model
  • The danger of simplistic assumptions
  • Benefit-related programme performance management
  • Next steps

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