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July 2022 | Finding purpose in adversity by Rita Siaw

July 2022 | Finding purpose in adversity by Rita Siaw

Webinar Description

Adversity; It comes to us all. In our everyday lives, careers, in our relationships, finances, etc.

Life can just not be without adversity. Sometimes we find it, other times it finds us.

While many people can get stuck, crushed or broken by adversity, others are able to rise and grow through them.

In Rita's short time here on earth, she has had more than a fair share of adversity. From her childhood to adulthood, She has surmounted some of the toughest adversities as a little girl from an African village can bear. Even as she grew older into a woman, she still faced many adversities but found a way to grow through them and found her purpose.

You may not be that little girl from Africa nor go through the adversities Rita went through. But we all have our challenges. We all get to find ourselves in situations and moments when we get stuck and pressed by adversity.

In her keynote, she will share with you her experiences, how to step-by-step to rise through and find purpose in adversity and how to pursue that purpose to live a life of significance beyond career success.

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About Rita Siaw


Rita Siaw is a professional educator, a philanthropist, author of the book “You Are Unstoppable; Reach Your Goals In Spite Of Obstacles” and the Founder of Feminine Star Africa, a non-profit that empowers women, girls and people in less privileged communities and has served more than 16,000 people in Ghana.

She was adjudged The Most Innovative Teacher in Ghana in 2015/2026 through the Bayport Teacher Innovation Competition; a role she used to train over 1,700 teachers in Ghana with her Innovative Teaching Methodology, Pragmatic Reading and Writing Project.

Rita was recognized by the United States Government in 2017, for her selfless service to the world by awarding her the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship. Through this fellowship, Rita spent 3 months in the US honing her skills and interned at the Montgomery County Human Services and Planning Department, to learn first-hand how to structure and manage non-profit interventions.

Rita currently lives with her family in the United Kingdom while running her non-profit in Ghana and seeking invaluable opportunities and collaborations to make indelible impact in the world.

Rita's presentation

You can connect with Rita via LinkedIn and for more information or to donate please click here.


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