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July 2022 | The Art of Facilitation Workshop by Kyle Murtagh

July 2022 | The Art of Facilitation Workshop by Kyle Murtagh

Workshop Description

How many times have you experienced a meeting going off track, failing to meet its objectives, or WORST yet, taking FOREVER when it doesn't need to? 

Facilitation is a skills. And if you can master it, not only will you avoid the problems above, but you'll hold meetings that our productive, clear and that inspire action. In this one-time special event we will explore how to: 

  • Use the first seconds to set up a meeting for success.
  • Manage different personalities around the meeting table
  • Keep the meeting on track and on time. 
  • Ensure everyone leaves with clear call to actions. 

If you are a facilitator or have ambitious of being one in the future, this workshop is unmissable for you!

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About Kyle Murtagh


Kyle Murtagh is Scotland’s most exciting public speaker. In 2018, he founded ‘Confidence by Design’, an industry-leading presentation skills company that has helped people from all walks of life to transform their public speaking abilities - from global corporations to ambitious entrepreneurs.

His passion, hard work and talent have also led him to win multiple public speaking accolades, both in Scotland and on an international level. Not only that, but Kyle is now a successful author! His debut title ‘‘The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking’ has received 5-star reviews from readers across the globe, who have discovered how to harness their public speaking potential to achieve tangible results. But all this success is only the beginning. His next goal? To become the World Champion of Public Speaking. But most importantly, he wants to continue inspiring people like you to develop your public speaking confidence and to own your presentations like never before.