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October 2021 | Neuro Linguistic Programming in Project Management by Christine Dawson

October 2021 | Neuro Linguistic Programming in Project Management by Christine Dawson

Webinar Description

How NLP can be utlised to enhance the capability of Project Managers in the ‘People’ domain of projects.

Programmes and Projects across all professions and industries have one common denominator, people. People are the key success factors that make the difference between success and a challenging learning experience. An excellent and highly effective Project Manager MUST have a detailed insight into what drives people within projects and know how to communicate with them in a way that works. To understand others, any Project Manager must first understand their own psychology at work and how to be resilient of mind.

Understanding the psychology of communication and response is something that has been excluded from Project Management competencies for many years. Now is the time to create excellence through understanding.

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About Christine Dawson


Managing Director and Lead Trainer/Coach at Quest for Success Ltd

  • BSc Hons.
  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP
  • Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy™
  • Master NLP Coach Trainer
  • Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis
  • CIPD Qualified Coach Mentor
  • Licensed Hypno Band® Practitioner

Christine is the Managing Director, owner and creative force behind Quest for Success Ltd. She holds a firm belief that everyone has the potential to become the person they want to be and to live the life they want to live. Everyone is fundamentally magnificent and deserve to be empowered.

Christine has been Training and Coaching NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis for the past 14 years and is highly respected within the profession.

Christine is a highly experienced, very charismatic, energetic and engaging trainer with the rare ability to simplify complex ideas and concepts and to explain everything with clarity and precision. Her knowledge of NLP is second to none and she really knows how to train it in a very practical way. She is one of the most accomplished trainers in the profession, training courses worldwide on a regular basis.

Christine created Quest for Success Ltd following 17 years working in the Corporate world. Her wealth of broad ranging business experience includes IT, Environmental Science, Project and Programme Management, Personal Development Coaching, Business Consulting and Innovation, within a variety of complex business environments. She is also one of very few NLP Trainers who frequently works with her own coaching and therapy Clients, consistently applying the thinking she trains and developing new and exciting approaches. Above all, she never stops learning.

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