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July 2021 | PMI UK Chapter Annual General Meeting

July 2021 | PMI UK Chapter Annual General Meeting

AGM Description

The PMI UK Annual General Meeting was again held virtually this year due to the continued restrictions imposed by Covid-19, affording members the opportunity to attend from throughout the UK and further field; from Europe, Asia and North and South America.

The AGM marked the Chapter’s first use of Hopin, our new event platform for virtual, in-person and hybrid events. We also made use of Mentimeter to learn more about our audience, to take a vote to accept the financial records for 2020, and launch a poll on what members ‘would like us to do more of?’ Social impact volunteering and mentoring came out on top. (A similar poll is being run in LinkedIn)

During the course of the meeting Ciaran Smith, President introduced us to the 2021 Board, Chris Field, Vice-President then reflected on our 2020 delivery priorities. This was followed by Merv Wyeth, Program Director for the Branches and Digital Events Transformation Program, who highlighted the years’ achievements despite the many challenges thrown- up by Covid19, including our recognition of the breath-taking work of PM Professionals, and other change-makers, and the Chapter response to the cessation of in-person meetings and events, at branch and national level.

This was followed by a financial overview for 2020, which compared Chapter performance with the two previous years, demonstrating a strong financial position which has enabled us to make strategic investments, such as in event tech, as well as to put in place ambitious ground-breaking plans.

Ciaran then shone a spotlight on a number of successes starting with our close relationship, and joint activities, with Enactus UK, presented by Rachel Wong, followed by the 2020 Awards described by Chris Field, and powerfully illustrated with a short showreel of each of the six category winners.

The final success area, presented by Nigel Smith, Director of Volunteering and Toastmaster supremo, recognise the generous ‘giving-back’ contribution of our many volunteers in the first half of the year, as well as our exciting plans for Q3/4 including International Project Management Day (4 November) and International Volunteer Day (5 December)

Nigel then introduced a video recorded by Carla Miranda, winner of the Volunteer of the Year award, that describes her experience as a volunteer, and the work that she has done to help build PMI UK’s celebrated Digital Events Team.

Ciaran then concluded with Q&A and closed the meeting at 8.15pm. This was followed by 15 additional minutes of professional matchmaking using the Hopin the ‘networking’ feature which serendipitously pairs-up participants for an initial 3-minute conversation.

The entire session was recorded. Along with the Mentimeter slide content and question results, it can be viewed in this page.

Video Link to Webinar Recording

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