July 2021 | Outcomes thinking – the missing link for delivering value from projects by Alexandra Chapman

Webinar Description

Getting value from projects continues to be a problem, despite the myriad solutions that have been applied over the last decades and the improvement in project methodologies and tools.

This session will discuss why delivering value requires more than just “finishing the project” on time and budget.

We will explain why delivering desired outcomes – the working just right future – is the key.

The session will cover:

  • What is “Outcomes Thinking”?
  • The quick-start version to crafting clear Desired Outcome statements
  • How does Outcomes Thinking changes the project model
  • How does it change how we measure project success
  • How can Outcomes Thinking enable project managers to become true partners with the business in delivering business value

Video Link to Webinar Recording

About Alexandra Chapman


For over four decades, Alex has been helping organisations deliver value from projects.

Alex teaches organizations how they can profoundly improve strategy execution and project results by applying three simple concepts: Outcomes Thinking, Path Dependency, and outcomes planning to all projects.

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