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June 2021 | The Failed PMO by Katharina Radlinger-Kohler

June 2021 | The Failed PMO by Katharina Radlinger-Kohler

Webinar Description

Is a PMO still needed in our agile / VUCA world? What is the benefit from PMOs for project-oriented organisations? Is there a benefit or is a PMO just something that a project-oriented organisation has to have?

In this webinar you will hear the example of a PMO which has failed. After several years of hard work to implement a PMO from scratch, the decision was taken to reorganise the process of execution of projects in another organisational unit, which provides more benefit to the organisation.

Katharina, the former head of the PMO, will share her insights and learnings with you. You will here:

  • How the PMO was positioned
  • What were the pitfalls and the challenges of the PMO
  • How and why the PMO was replaced
  • How this experience will help the organisation to improve

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About Katharina Radlinger-Kohler


Katharina is a passionate project manager. For more than 10 years, she engages in the area of project management.

In her career she was project manager for developments endeavours with high complexity and was leading virtual international teams. At beginning of 30 she got the chance to build up a Project Management Office from scratch for an international gaming company. Where she successfully implemented a project management standard and build up a team of project managers and PMO members.

After several years of being a project manager and leading a PMO Katharina decided to do an MBA in the area of project management to get another perspective. Her master thesis was about lessons learned and how they can contribute to continuous improvement. To make an impact not only in her company, but also in the project management community Katharina is passionate about sharing her insights and learnings, which she does in the form of webinars or guest lectures at university.

If you are interested in Katharina’s learnings she would be happy if you connect with her on LinkedIn.

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