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May 2021 | Ditch, Dump or Delegate? by Andrew Pain

May 2021 | Ditch, Dump or Delegate? by Andrew Pain

Webinar Description

“If you want a job doing properly, then do it yourself”.

Most of us have said words to this effect at one point or another and delegation is a huge risk for managers, leaders and all parents, but without delegation, the consequences are: 

  • Under-performing teams who resent the fact you won’t trust them.
  • Dis-empowered teams who rely on YOU as the one and only person to put in the extra shifts and take the initiative.
  • Stressed out leaders who juggle too many jobs and refuse to delegate because they ‘CAN’T’ (won’t), resulting ultimately in burnt out leaders and job applications elsewhere!
  • Under-developed teams, deprived of the opportunity to stretch themselves, try new things, make mistakes and benefit from the learning.

Nobody wins in these scenarios and yet, it is possible (even remotely) to delegate your tasks AND ensure that they get done on time and to the standard you want, whilst also developing your relationship with your delegates and protecting your sanity. You just need to know what NOT to do and what TO do instead.

In this webinar, you will:

1) Explore the 6 sinful C.R.I.M.E.S of delegation (so you know what to avoid).

2) Learn a 6-step strategy to help you delegate like a pro (so you know what to do).

3) Learn the 3 critical pillars of leadership on which successful delegate must rest.

After this talk, you will be equipped with everything you need to know, so you can delegate like a pro, developing the people around you, freeing up your time for more important things, whilst also ensuring that the tasks you delegate get done on time and to the standard you want.

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About Andrew Pain


Andrew is a TEDx speaker, productivity coach, blogger and campaigner. He serves people from all walks of life including; the long term unemployed, ex-offenders, entrepreneurs, students and young people and business leaders, helping them to take control of their time, so they achieve truly epic goals, but without sacrificing their most precious things. Clients to date include; NHS, Compassion UK, RoSPA, Youth Offending Service, and a range of schools, colleges and small/mid-sized businesses.

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