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April 2021 | Are you setting yourself up for success? by Dr Manisha Patel

April 2021 | Are you setting yourself up for success? by Dr Manisha Patel

Webinar Description

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a position where our unconscious map of the world is not aligned with our conscious actions. Shifting our mindset can help us access more resourceful states and behaviours on demand. It can also help us achieve more of what we value and define as success. For some, success is defined by a job title or salary, but for many, success means more time, more energy, career fulfilment, improved rapport, less conflict etc.

In this session, Manisha will be sharing some coaching tools and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles that can help you with:

  • Time and Energy Management
  • Values-Based Career Development
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Getting comfortable in your discomfort zones
  • Identifying and overcoming your fears
  • Increasing self-awareness and refining your map of the world
  • Smarter goal setting
  • Resourceful Mindset Development

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About Dr Manisha Patel


Dr. Manisha Patel is a qualified and practicing Executive Coach serving a number of sectors and disciplines including Project Management. She has completed an Accredited Certificate in Coach Training and is professionally trained on a programme that combines both established coaching models along with the techniques and skills developed from NLP, Positive Psychology, Personal Development and Neuroscience. The programme is also approved by the British Psychological Society.

Manisha is a Member of Association of Coaching and Professional Member of Association for NLP. She has developed a significant network (16K+ on LinkedIn) across Engineering, Project Management, Energy and business environments and hopes you will connect too. As a results-driven coach, Manisha focuses on the coachee’s values, integrity, definition of meaningful work, and rediscovering the joy that can be lost during the daily grind.

Manisha is passionate about making a difference, and by example, encouraging others that with a balanced blend of skills, a resourceful mindset and map of the world, we can all pursue excellence. 

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