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March 2021 | The five essential elements required for effective Online Collaboration by Rod Willis

March 2021 | The five essential elements required for effective Online Collaboration by Rod Willis

Webinar Description

During the webinar, Rod will draw attention to specific aspects missed when deploying collaborative environments (online or otherwise), explaining why adoption and effective collaboration can be more challenging than anticipated for many organizations.

Have you ever wondered why so many well-funded initiatives never quite hit the mark? You might hear people say, 'oh, we have adoption challenges' or 'we have resistance to change'; people need to work together better. If you hear that, they are probably about to start pulling the wrong levers!!!

Well, those views may be helpful in some instances. However, we will share additional critical aspects that are typically overlooked and often cause a change initiative to fall short of what was expected or needed.

Join us as we explore new tools and methods that provide both structure and an objective way to understand and manage effective collaboration online and face-to-face.

Rod Willis specializes in Group Dynamics, Mindsets and online learning technologies, bringing meaningful content to the world of organizational development.

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About Rod Willis


Rod spent 25 years in the world of Semiconductor Design and Test, working in product development and later in global operational roles. He is a Master Executive Coach accredited by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) in 2012. Since 2010, he has dedicated his professional life to deep-diving into the domains of Interpersonal Skills, Group Dynamics and Mindsets through the lens of Occupational Psychology and Behavioural Science. His passion is to understand the implications of these domains for leadership teams and then turn theory into practice by developing accessible tools, interventions, and guidance for all that care about the organisation's people element. These practical tools, suggestions and interventions enable Leaders and Facilitators to see, understand, and work with a group's hidden dynamics. He supports several sponsors to share how leadership teams can develop and harness collective 'professional relationships' in and across the organisation. To support this initiative, he has published some of the core concepts and resources in Assentire's publicly accessible library (Feb 2021). To access this library, go to and click on the 'Library' tab.

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