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March 2021 | Making Your Goals Stickier! by Nigel Smith

March 2021 | Making Your Goals Stickier! by Nigel Smith

Webinar Description

Do you;

Need to refocus your 2020 Vision?
Stop all your best intentions and New Year’s Resolutions going from fizz to flat? And
Increase the likelihood that you achieve what you’ve set out to do?
Then this is the webinar for you! Join Project Management Coach and PMI UK’s own Director of Volunteering, Nigel Smith as he takes you on a journey of;

  • Discovering what Goals are,
  • What stops us achieving them, and
  • How to make them Memorable

He’ll also ponder, is SMART enough? What sets the high achievers apart (it’s really quite simple!) and whether, at the end of the day, is it the journey or the destination which is most important.

If you’re future focussed and have a vision of where you want to be, this webinar will really help you. What have you got to lose? In reality, it’s more about what you have to gain!

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About Nigel Smith


Nigel is the ‘Agility Coach for Project Professionals’. He’s passionate about serving and empowering project managers to become; • More effective within project working relationships • More confident with their signature speaking style • More complete with their process competences Effectively using ‘soft skills for hard outcomes’. Nigel has an extensive background in IT Project Management, predominantly in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, though there’s also a mix of Retail, Fashion and Healthcare experience in there too. All primarily with an ERP focus, melding predictive, agile and hybrid approaches over quite a few years. Nigel has supported the PMI UK Chapter since 2014 and is currently Director of Volunteering and a member of the Mentoring and Digital Events Teams.

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