February 2021 | Working Successfully with the Indian Culture by Michael Gates

Webinar Description

Since financial deregulation in the early 1990s - which made it easier for foreign companies to set up in India - and more so since the boom in off-shoring, many of us have been working with Indians.
Great English language skills, and some shared history, should make it especially easy for Brits.
Yet India is a complex culture with probably more internal variety than Europe. As the Cambridge economist Joan Robinson said: ‘whatever one can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true.’

This session will look at the cultural diversity of India, as well as common themes like the concept of time; individualism versus collectivism; the overriding desire to please, and a holistic notion of truth.
We will also cover values, communication, listening, leadership Indian style, the language of management and trust.

The main focus will be practical takeaways - based on real mini-cases – on how to boost productivity with Indian colleagues, and what we can learn from Indian ways of working.

Afterwards, participants will get access to a three part mini-MOOC video series on India, written by Michael Gates, the presenter, with an Indian team.

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About Michael Gates


Managing Director of CrossCulture

Michael Gates is one of the world’s leading teachers of cross-cultural management, following a career in radio in the UK in the early 1980s. He is an Associate Fellow of the Said Business School at the University of Oxford, where he also took his M.A. in English Language and Literature. He specialises in cross-cultural negotiation skills, and recently delivered a couple of keynotes and a podcast for PMI Sweden. The moderator of PMI’s conference in Malmö commented ‘Michael quickly moved the crowd from bursting laughter to serious personal reflections.’

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