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January 2021 | The new PMP, what it is and how to get prepared for it by Cristiano Ottavian

January 2021 | The new PMP, what it is and how to get prepared for it by Cristiano Ottavian

Webinar Description

The international scenario of the Project Management credentials is evolving. New ones are entering the "arena", some other old ones are changing their shape and maybe their value. In this webinar we''ll cover the most important PM credential, defining and comparing their features. In particular, we'll see the new PMP exam and how to prepare for it. 

Outline of subjects you will cover:

  • PM credential in the world
  • PMP credential
  • The new PMP exam (from Jan 2nd 2021)
  • How to prepare for it

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About Cristiano Ottavian


Industrial Chartered Engineer, Project Manager, PM Consultant and Trainer in Business Schools and Corporate Academies. Former director of a National Academy for Technicians, he designs and implements training courses to support project management skills and team management. He is a business consultant on Project Management, innovation, product and process development, organizational change and process optimization. He managed projects and lead teams in companies of various sectors, in Italy, Europe and the Middle East. Certifications: PMPĀ®, Prince2TM Practitioner, ISIPM, SFC, Financial Advisor and Environment Consultant.


Q1. Do the PMI official PMP prep materials exist yet?
A1. Not yet. A free course will be available soon at this link.

Q2. To take the exam in the next few months, can I study the PMBOK 6? or should I wait for PMBOK 7?
A2. The PMP exam will not change as PMBOK7 will be published, at least not immediately. Usually, it takes at least 6 months.

Q3. What is the best way to prepare for PMP exam given the format has changed?
A3. As per slide 58 "how to study".

Q4. Can I pass the new 2021 exam (7th edition), having only studied the 6th edition course?
A4. It will be very difficult, more or less 30% of the content will be new (not covered by PMBOK6).

Q6. Are the questions all single choice, or will some require select 2 or more answers?
A6. There is a new kind of question in which you must select more than one option in order to answer, or combine elements.

Q7. During the two pauses/breaks can you revise notes?
A7. No, but you can leave your seat. Once you restart the test, you can't review questions you had answered before the pause.

Q8. Which Prep course would you recommend?
A8. Select a trusty organization, and furthermore a good trainer (with experience and knowledge in training PMP)

Q9. How can we take simulated tests before the actual exam?
A9. There are several simulators online, some of them already updated to the new exam, or they will be soon.

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