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November 2020 | Core Coaching Competencies for Project Professionals by Nigel Smith

November 2020 | Core Coaching Competencies for Project Professionals by Nigel Smith

Webinar Description

In the next of his series on ‘Soft Skills for Hard Outcomes’ webinars, Nigel Smith will focus on the role of Coaching within Project Management;

  • What is it?
  • Why is it important?
  • How does it enhance your professional signature?

In the process, he’ll delve into the now ubiquitous world of the modern Agile PM, to see how it serves that emerging role, and ponders whether the once-popular ‘Command and Control’ PM style still retains any relevance today.

Do you sometimes confuse Coaching with Mentoring or even Consulting? What about Counselling? Nigel will offer some clear definitions and signpost you to some useful things to look out for, within yourself and within your teams. The outcome is to create that virtuous environment of trust, which in turn is the true foundation to value-added and collaborative working.

Some of the key competencies you’ll learn more about are;

  • Active Listening & Curious Questioning
  • Developing Rapport & Raising Awareness
  • Taking Responsibility & Action….and more

For this session, we are co-hosted by Mentimeter, PMI UK’s platform of choice when it comes to engaging interactivity in all our webinars. We’ll be showcasing some of the key features and be supported by Oscar Svernlöv, Community Content Creator at Mentimeter.

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About Nigel Smith


Agility Coach for Project Professionals

Nigel Smith is the ‘Agility Coach for Project Professionals’. He’s passionate about serving and empowering project managers to become; • More effective within project working relationships • More confident with their signature speaking style • More complete with their process competences Effectively using ‘soft skills for hard outcomes’.

Nigel has an extensive background in IT Project Management, predominantly in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, though there’s also a mix of Retail, Fashion and Healthcare experience in there too. All primarily with an ERP focus, melding predictive, agile and hybrid approaches over quite a few years. Nigel has supported the PMI UK Chapter since 2014 and is currently Regional Vice-Chair of the Midlands Branch, member of both the PMI UK Mentoring Programme Team and the Digital Events Team.

About Oscar Svernlöv


Community Content Creator at Mentimeter

Oscar Svernlöv as the Community Content Creator at Mentimeter, is responsible for webinars and live events at Mentimeter. Oscar has been an avid Mentimeter user for several years, using the app both while teaching Swedish and hosting game show quizzes. He is thrilled to be apart of raising the awareness, use, and image of a digital tool that helps people, companies and, educational institutions to engage, connect and co-create without being limited by current global restrictions on physical interactions.

Oscar offers to our PMI community a full 14-day trial of the Pro version of Mentimeter, you can activate it at click here

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