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October 2020 | How to get started in project data analytics by Dr. James Smith

October 2020 | How to get started in project data analytics by Dr. James Smith

Webinar Description

As projects proceed through their life-cycle, they create an exhaust plume of data that is a by-product of delivery. By pooling this data and applying advanced data analytics and AI, it can be analysed to develop predictive insights and recommendations, tailored to the phase and specific circumstances of a project.

But is project data analytics hype or reality? Only you can decide, but what is for certain, is that it is disruptive and could have a significant impact on your career in the way we deliver projects and how you work. Unfortunately, it is often shrouded in jargon and it all sounds very daunting. Within this masterclass, James provided a range of insights into:

  • The potential impact of project data analytics.
  • How to prepare yourself for the new future.
  • How to get started.

Advanced project data science and analytics have the potential to change the face of project management and project delivery forever. But the project management profession is slow to catch on. Together, we can shape a new future; let’s make it happen.

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About Dr. James Smith

Chief Technology Officer at Projecting Success

Dr James Smith is the Chief Technology Officer at Projecting Success. He is responsible for a wide scope, spanning full stack development through to data science and AI. He if the technical lead for the delivery of the project data analyst apprenticeship, a unique approach that will transform how projects are delivered. He is immersed in visualisation, graph databases, Python, machine learning algorithms and regularly grapples with the challenges that exist with real world data.

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