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August 2020 | Benefits Realisation Management: Maps, Profiles and Evaluation presented by Hugo Minney

August 2020 | Benefits Realisation Management: Maps, Profiles and Evaluation presented by Hugo Minney

Webinar Description

A constant focus on benefits is probably the biggest factor in determining project success. But many organisations have made benefits realisation management so complicated, and benefits realisation so divorced from the day-to-day project decisions, that it’s difficult or impossible to maintain that ‘constant focus’.

Dr Minney will facilitate us through the basics of benefits management which every organisation should be doing in order to gain the benefits of benefits management:

  • Understand different approaches to benefits mapping, and their use and abuse, whys and purpose
  • What information do you need in a benefit profile to ensure that that benefit has a high chance of success – and how to prioritise so that you only put the work into the most relevant benefits
  • How to put a value on each benefit, and how to defend this in a business case
  • How to use this information to make better decisions, and how to keep it relevant and up-to-date

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About Hugo Minney


An experienced project manager and executive director commercially, and a charity board chair, Hugo uses benefits realisation management and social impact framework to bring about change in organisation performance and organizational culture.

His process is designed to be highly motivational, to connect people with purpose, especially the purpose expressed as the strategic objectives of the organisation. This presents some interesting challenges when the people you are trying to motivate are at the other end of a video call and have all of the distractions of domestic life.

Further Reading

Hugo mentioned some further reading material during his presentation which you can find at:

  • Guide to Using a Benefits Management Framework at click here.
  • Recording and presentation from Kik Piney on ‘Earned Benefit Program Management’ at click here.

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