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June 2020 | Resilience: The Rainbow Follows the Storm presented by Nigel Smith

June 2020 | Resilience: The Rainbow Follows the Storm presented by Nigel Smith

Webinar Description

Raising Your Resilience in these Challenging Covid-19 Times.

Resilience, in the way Nigel Smith defines it is ‘…the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and spring back into shape…’

As such, he explored;

  • The uncertain times we are facing,
  • Why we shouldn’t let it all overtake us, and
  • Practical steps to make you make a positive difference

The central theme will be concerned with how we can treat current events as an opportunity rather than a threat. Changing perspective and reframing more to the positive, saying things like ‘I get to…’ rather than ‘I have to…’

In doing so, Nigel will offer up some simple strategies based around the RAINBOW acronym which contains some useful techniques and tips that you might want to consider, or as he terms them, Personal Prescriptions for Positivity! And he trusts he will have at least one sure-fire winning formula to keep you feeling both positive and safe!

You will learn how to:

  • Move from ‘Frustration’ to ‘Acceptance’ in the pursuit of positive change
  • ‘Follow the RAINBOW’ with series of practical positive strategies spanning mental, physical and emotional dimensions.
  • Embrace a positive mindset to give you more energy, harmony and increased adaptive ability

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About Nigel Smith


Nigel is the ‘Agility Coach for Project Professionals’. He’s passionate about serving and empowering project managers to become;

  • More effective with project working relationships
  • More confident in their communication styles and
  • More complete with their process competences

Effectively using ‘soft skills for hard outcomes’.

Nigel has an extensive background in IT Project Management, predominantly in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, though there’s also a mix of Retail, Fashion and Healthcare experience in there too. All primarily with an ERP focus, melding predictive, agile and hybrid approaches over quite a few years

Has supported the PMI UK Chapter since 2014 and is currently Regional Vice-Chair of the Midlands Branch, member of both the PMI UK Mentoring Programme Team and the Digital Events Team.