May 2020 | Can megaprojects be successful? presented by Giorgio Locatelli

Webinar Description

Megaprojects are temporary endeavours (i.e. projects) characterized by large investment commitment, vast complexity (especially in organizational terms), and long-lasting impact on the economy, the environment, and society. Megaprojects are often criticised for being late, over-budget and poor value for money. However, is the situation really this simple?
In this presentation, Prof Locatelli will firstly review the state of the art about research in megaprojects presenting a critical analysis of megaproject performance and the different narratives about “what makes a megaproject successful”. Later he will show how benchmarking can help organisations in improving the planning and delivery of their megaprojects.

About Giorgio Locatelli


Giorgio is Chair in Project Business strategy at the University of Leeds. Educated in Politecnico di Milano, has a Bachelor and Master in mechanical engineering (2006) and a PhD “Cum Laude” in Industrial engineering, economics, and management (2011). 

His research is about project management in large and complex infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector. In this setting he focuses on benchmarking, cost-benefit analysis, risk management, decommissioning, ethics & illegal practices, governance, financing, modularization. He has attracted more than £1,000,000 of research funds. 

He is the author of more than 100 international peer-reviewed publications, with 1000+ citations in Scopus (h-Index 19) and 2000+ in Google Scholar (h-index 25). 

Further Reading

A paper entitled: ‘Why are megaprojects, including nuclear power plants delivered overbudget and late? Reasons and Remedies’"

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