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March 2020 | Stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects presented by Kenn Dolan

March 2020 | Stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects presented by Kenn Dolan

Webinar Description

Stakeholder Engagement (not management) is one of the factors considered to be critical for project success, yet it is under-represented in the bodies of knowledge and other “best practice” standards and methodologies.

As one of the “soft skills” it is often left to be implemented at the discretion of the Project Manager and their team and therefore is under-resourced. It is often responsive, rather than proactive.

Based upon current research and recent case studies, this webinar will provide an overview of the International Association for Public Participation spectrum (IAP2) and discuss when each element of the spectrum could and should be applied.

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About Kenn Dolan


Author of "Implementing Project and Program Benefits Management" (2018) Recognised expert in benefits realisation management, stakeholder engagement and portfolio, programme and project management and the application of best practices. Kenn has extensive experience advising clients across five continents.

As an in-demand management consultant and public speaker, Kenn has influenced the implementation of best practices in programme and project management to improve performance and maturity within organisations within the financial, IT, defence, resources, construction and public sectors. He has coached and mentored senior executives in over 20 countries.

A gifted and popular educator and trainer, Kenn is passionate about the distillation of programme and project management attitudes and skills into the broader community ensuring that these powerful techniques permeate as many investment opportunities as possible.