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February 2020 | Benefit Map - A Most Valuable Tool presented by Judge Matharu

February 2020 | Benefit Map - A Most Valuable Tool presented by Judge Matharu

Webinar Description

There is one tool that you should consider right now for your change, and that is a benefit map. It is the most valuable tool in the benefits management toolkit.
For any change at any stage of the change life-cycle a benefit map can provide a lot of value. Its primary function is identifying benefits (and disbenefits) with value gained from the process of its development and with the product - the benefit map.

In this session I will explore the following aspects of a benefit map:

  1. What is it? This will address the key principles of a benefit map and what it looks like?
  2. How do you create it? There are different approaches to developing a map depending on your context.
  3. Why? The all-important insight and value you get from a benefit map, and there are lots!

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About Judge Matharu


Judge Matharu is a Benefit Realisation Management (BRM) practitioner with over ten years of experience across many private & public sectors. Practical & Pragmatic are two words that feature heavily in everything he does, for him it is all about what will work in any given context and not about the theory.

This focus led to his book Practical Benefit Realisation Management published in 2015, a 'how to' guide focused on real world application of BRM reflecting his learning over the years.

Judge also presents and provides training on BRM, most recently at the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF 2019) and is affiliated with the Association of Project Management (APM) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) providing BRM contributions including webinars and presentations.

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