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PMI UK Webinar: How to create value from project agility. 18th July 2022

PMI UK Webinar: How to create value from project agility. 18th July 2022

July 18th webinar min

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Evidence is abundantly clear* that agile organisations are more profitable, and that the projectization of work is occurring at pace. These are combining into am emerging new operations where projects and business-as-usual are fully integrated. Especially in sector disruptor companies who are gaining competitive edge over older, non-agile businesses.

The value from these is clear, but how to achieve that value is not well understood and agility initiatives often fail expensively. Adrian will separate fact from fiction to outline what project agility really looks like. He will then show what an organisation needs to do to evolve project agility, both inside projects and outside in their organisational hinterland. 

The goal is value from creating a landscape in which project agility can thrive.   

*E.g. two related reports from PA Consulting in 2021 – The Evolution of the Agile Organisation 1 & 2.



A project professional for over 30 years and Fellow of the Association of Project Management (APM), Adrian has worked in 11 industries and in the public sector. He has led or rescued change, built project management and professional services capability, and advised start-ups both in the UK and abroad.

He is author of a new book Agile Beyond IT, co-author of the Gower Handbook of Programme Management (2006), plus guides to Directing Agile Change and Agile Assurance. Adrian has also contributed to the evolution of UK government programme, portfolio and PMO standards.

He is a regular speaker such as the Agile Project Management roadshow with Brian Wernham and numerous conferences and webinars. Adrian is a visiting lecturer, researcher and blogger, particularly with his Agile Beyond IT newsletter on LinkedIn.

Currently Adrian is (part time) Head of Governance for MyMelanoma, a newly forming organisation focussing on Melanoma cancer data gathering and research.

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