PMI UK Webinar: Have you ever jumped from an airplane? Journey of delivering a complex project. 16th February 2023

PMI UK Webinar: Have you ever jumped from an airplane? Journey of delivering a complex project. 16th February 2023

16th February min

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Large-Scale Technology Projects especially in the public sector are complex and challenging. Gain an insight into how public sector projects are different and what makes them so complex. Come and learn about an exciting turnaround of a public sector project that went on for almost a decade with multiple failures. What were some of the key strategies used to make this project successful? How can you use some of the learnings from this experience to manage your projects more effectively and deliver value to the customer? Learn about the Digital Transformation journey in implementing a Permitting System for City of Portland.

  • Actionable tips that can be used by those who are managing complex projects
  • Enhance professional knowledge around driving large & complex transformation
  • Gain insight into complexities and challenges in a government technology project



Saby is a highly sought-after internationally recognized Keynote speaker. As an award-winning Technology Leader, Project Management Expert, and Past President of the PMI Portland Chapter, Saby brings immense knowledge and stories to share with the members.

Energetic … engaging … lively … enthusiastic … inspiring … words that are often used to describe Saby. A speaker with the uncanny ability to look at the normal and see something quite different. Saby shares his life stories and has a fun way to look at life as well as live life. You are guaranteed to learn a thing or two on your journey from his unique perspective. He is an Angel Investor, Mentor, Coach, Project & Program Management Expert, Change and Volunteer Leader with a diverse experience of over 20 years in both the public and private sector.

An internationally recognised keynote speaker, award-winning technology leader, Saby has led multiple diverse clients in their business transformation through project successes, bolstering communications across various departments, and assisted customers in creating effective solutions to complex problems. Saby is currently working as CIO at Clackamas Community College. He speaks four languages, enjoys working with people and brings enthusiasm, inspiration & leadership qualities.

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