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PMI London Event: Prioritization and Procrastination - How to develop and maintain positive habits. 7th October 2019

PMI London Event: Prioritization and Procrastination - How to develop and maintain positive habits. 7th October 2019

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PMI London Event 

Prioritization and Procrastination - How to develop and maintain positive habits

7th October 2019 at 6 pm

Reply LTD, 2nd Floor, Nova South, 160 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, SW1E 5LB

Main Speaker: Dee Burrowes

Whether large or small every project is done through people. Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize and manage the people who have assigned roles and responsibilities for completing the project.

This presentation addresses one common but important conflictual issue that we face regularly: “Prioritization” i.e. the difficult decision hanging between work tasks and daily life commitments. You plan to take up football but there is always one more report to write on a limited deadline. Then another excuse pops up and football is once again delayed. We are professionals at making excuses about why some things are more important than other, but in fact, life balance requires time for the tasks important in our daily lives.

Procrastination is the challenge that many people cannot avoid with obligations as it results in a downward spiral of emotions that causes snowball effect. Procrastination excuses are common as the cold therefore we can’t avoid procrastination.

Research shows we possess a very limited amount of willpower that drains us throughout the day, regardless of get involved with. How can we create a positive attitude with daily habits?

As we are creatures of habit, by making minute adjustments to our daily life, mind set and positive habits can be formed to make ourselves and everyone we interact with, much more balanced and eventually efficient.

And this presentation will eventually discuss how to implement and establish positive habits which produce balancing benefits.

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