PMI UK Chapter

Chapter Member Workshops

The PMI UK Chapter are excited to annouce a series of special workshops that will take place in 2021. These Summer Workshops are exclusively for members of PMI UK Chapter. Building on the successes of an award-winning webinar series, the digital events team wanted to bring even more value and new learning opportunities to members of the chapter.

 *PMI is offering free UK Chapter membership to those who join PMI. Please contact Jodi Walker for further details and to obtain the Chapter Guest Pass code.

The six Summer Workshops will be a deep dive into some of the popular topics we have covered in our webinars over the last 12 months.

With only 50 attendees per 2-hour session, the workshops will enable members to interact and engage with the speaker/facilitators and their chosen topic area in much more detail than is possible in a webinar.

Find out more information on the next three workshops in the series below and sign up today, places are going fast!

PMI UK Virtual 4 Part Workshop: Practical PM training with 1st June 2021

Frank will use a realistic project scenario as a basis for the training and participants will be asked to run the project and therefore do the necessary activities to run the project. Participants will therefore run the project and therefore learn much more that from a normal project management course. The best way to learn project management is to practice project management and this course enables that to happen.

The training is suitable for people who want:

  • to learn and understand the most important PM techniques
  • gain confidence and knowledge to run a project
  • to use this content to train others

And participants will practice the following project activities;

  • Creating a Project Description document (why, objective, business case)
  • Break down a project into deliverables
  • Write requirement documents with quality criteria
  • Describe the main project output
  • Define and follow up on risks
  • Visualise the project data and break project into cycles, etc.
  • Write a Communications Plan
  • Follow Up in Risks, Issues and Changes 

15th June 2021 Using LinkedIn effectively: both professionally and personally with Mark White at 6.30pm

Outline of subjects you will cover:

• LinkedIn as a professional branding tool

• Creating an effective Personal Profile

• Using the Privacy & Settings page to best effect

• Understanding the search opportunities on LinkedIn for targeting and engaging

• Contacting and Networking with colleagues and connections

• Creating posts and articles on LinkedIn

PMI UK Virtual Workshop: Design Thinking for Projects. 29th June 2021

In the current business environment, project leaders must look beyond the foundational knowledge of managing projects and embrace more innovative practices and methodologies. Design Thinking enables project teams to solve business problems by following an iterative process and focusing on their customer’s or user’s standpoint. It is another method that can be added to a project leader’s toolbox to help manage risk, customer expectations, and to ensure stakeholder alignment.

This session provides participants with a high-level overview of Design Thinking methods and tools. The presenter will use case studies to show how to successfully integrate design methods into projects with lessons learned and unique outcomes. At the conclusion of the presentation, you will be able to:

  • Identify and apply Design Thinking techniques for improving benefits realization and project success
  • Describe the benefits of incorporating design methodologies on projects for increased customer alignment and business impact, and
  • Illustrate multiple design-thinking tools that could benefit current or future projects

PMI UK Virtual Workshop: Influence above authority, the key to successful leadership. 6th July 2021

If you are a leader, manager or in a PM position where influence is key, you may well be:

  • frustrated when your messages does not seem to land
  • recognise that you are only positively influential in certain situations
  • lacking confidence when you have to influencepeople higher up the food chain
  • struggling to get people to say yes on a consistent basis
  • at your wit’s end when you seem to get agreement for action, and nothing happens
  • annoyed with certain stakeholders who often seem to ignore perfectly reasonable demands.

What you are looking for is the how-to’s. How to influence more people, more of the times. Techniques and tools that work consistently that you can learn easily and, effortlessly.

In this workshop we will cover the foundations of effective influencing. how to influence at an unconscious level, the secrets of social selling, and much, much more.

This 2-hour session will be highly interactive, targeted to you in the PM community and full of practical ideas that you can implement immediately.


20th July 2021 Conscious Alignment for Success with George Diakonikolaou at 4 pm

Change is now an understatement! However, we are not defined by external events and changes. We are defined by our chosen responses.

If you want to learn about a map that will guide you in your personal development journey. If you want to drastically expand your communication abilities. If you want to be a leader of transformation and a great facilitator of your teams to embrace change. Then these will be a couple of hours well invested.

During the seminar we are going to learn and discuss the Neurological Levels Model of NLP. It’s one of the most effective Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools to influence learning, communications and change.