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Joint PMI and Construction Forum Webinar. 8th February 2017

Joint PMI and Construction Forum Webinar. 8th February 2017

Construction Forum and PMI Webinar

Joint PMI UK Virtual Events and Construction Forum Webinar

The FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract - Typical Pitfalls and New Solutions

8th February 2017

12.15pm - 1.15pm



Main Speaker: Professor David Mosey


An in depth exploration of the new FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract highlighting methods to create integrated frameworks whilst improving value and working effectively with the supply chain. Case studies from Ministry of Justice, Surrey County Council and Futures Housing Group (the first adopters of the FAC-1 contract) will help you learn why this new contract is becoming the contract of our time.

Clients and teams can improve value under a framework or alliance, using a pipeline of work to build on their experience and establish more efficient working practices. However, bespoke documents are costly for clients to initiate and much harder for teams to implement.

In 2015 the Association of Consultant Architects invited the King’s College London Centre of Construction Law to create a new standard form of Framework Alliance Contract which was sent out to over 120 organisations for review and consultation and which was published in June 2016.

FAC-1 is not itself a Project Contract form and it is designed for use with any one or more Project Contract forms including:

  • any of the FIDIC/ICC/JCT/NEC/PPC contract forms, sub-contracts and term contracts

  • any of the ACA/ACE/CIC/FIDIC/JCT/NEC/RIBA/RICS consultant appointments.

Project Management topics covered:

  • Procurement Strategy

  • Contract Management

  • Project Governance

  • Collaborative Working & Effective Communication

  • BIM (Building Information Management)

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