Why attend

Job Seekers

  • Explore career opportunities with multiple companies of interest in one convenient location
  • Connect with the hiring decision makers directly from top companies
  • Opportunity to make yourself professionally memorable and increase your chances of getting the job
  • Determine professional areas you need to strengthen for improved competitiveness in the market place
  • Build a network with other career seekers and obtain valuable insight from their job hunting experience


  • Gain access to and explore a large number of candidates in a one-stop environment.
  • Achieve dozens of short, informal interviews over the course of a few hours.
  • Reduced wasted time on interviewing unqualified candidates.
  • Save time and money connecting with a large pool of potential employees without having to advertise
  • Meet with globally recognized and demanded candidates – Project Management Professionals (PMP) as well as ex-military personnel and other qualified jobseekers



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