Career Forum Agenda

The programme is being developed to cover most of the following areas:

Selling your skills effectively

  • Interview skills and techniques, CV writing -tips & advice, optimizing your CV for job boards, using key words.
  • Tips & advice on using social media to secure a new role, optimizing your online presence, 'dos and don’ts‘
  • How recruitment agencies select and recruit candidates

Career Progression

  • How to start a career in project management - attractions, challenges and steps. Steps towards becoming a project management contractor or consultant.
  • Project management across different industries - How do you move from one sector to another?
  • How to progress in your career and change from one project management role to another

Personal Development

  • Developing competencies for the job market -drawing from the PMI Talent Triangle –Technical skills, strategic and business management skills, leadership skills
  • Learning opportunities in project management and the importance of PMI certifications
  • Educational Opportunities in project management -Universities -Post Graduate & Doctorate degree programs in Project Management-PMI Registered Education Providers (REPs), providers of project management certifications



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