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PMI UK Virtual Sessions: Preparing for the PMI Exam Starting on 6th July 2022

06-07-2022 6:00 pm -8:00 pm

These sessions are for anyone who is considering or even preparing for the PMI exams.

The focus is on the current PMP exam content.

The sessions are not an exam preparation course in itself but an overview to lay the platform for the attendee to plan their approach to study and then to pass their selected PMI exam.

It is an opportunity not only to get further knowledge on the exam topics but also to ask the questions you have wanted to ask and answers that cannot be found in articles or from web sites.

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Get Involved

Find out about PMI's professional qualifications

PMI Offers a wide range of qualifications that will set you apart from your peers in the project management profession. Discover more about these and how to apply for examinations. 

To be eligible for these credentials, you must first meet specific educational and project or programme management experience requirements and agree to adhere to a code of professional conduct. The final step is passing a rigorous computer-based multiple-choice examination designed to objectively assess and measure your ability to apply project or programme management knowledge.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Make your mark on PMI United Kingdom Chapter and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on and to lead activities that advance the profession and support the chapter business operations by joining our chapter volunteer community. All volunteer openings are managed by the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). This system includes the ability to search for opportunities, view details about each role and apply online.

Earn PDUs by Volunteering

Volunteering Project Management Professional PDUs can be earned as part of Category E: Volunteer Service. Category E, along with Category D (Creating New Project Knowledge) and Category F (Working as a Professional in Project Management), comprise the Giving Back To The Profession Categories. You can earn PDUs in Category E (Volunteer Service) by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, and many others.

Mentoring Programme

PMI UK has skilled Mentors and enthusiastic Mentees who are looking to share knowledge and improve their professional capabilities. The PMI UK mentoring scheme supports willing Mentors and Mentees by connecting them to develop their professional skills in project, program, and portfolio management. This is a voluntary scheme that succeeds through the interest, passion, and commitment of those involved.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 2997
New Members This Year 389
PMP® Members 1628
CAPM® Members 68
PgMP® Members 14
PMI-SP® Members 7
PMI-RMP® Members 26
PMI-ACP® Members 96
PfMP® Members 7
PMI-PBA® Members 6
Members with no Certification 1283
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 2719
Student Members 260
Other Members 18
PMP/CAPM/PgMP/PMI-SP/PMI-RMP/PMI-ACP/PfMP/PMI-PBA are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Members in Spotlight

  • Aaliyah Jackson
  • Abiola Diko, CAPM
  • Abiola Diko, CAPM
  • Adeola Fari-Arole
  • Agnieszka Sasiela
  • Almudena Martinez de la Vina, PMP
  • Anas Waleed Mohamad Alessa, PMP
  • Bolaji Bamowo
  • Damian Packer
  • Damilare Adewunmi, PMP
  • David Stack
  • Eguono Ekpruke
  • Eric Engmann, PMP
  • Gisela Chavarria de Jones
  • Gordon Pringle
  • Graeme McPherson
  • Hakam Madi, PMP
  • Hosna Hassanzadeh
  • Ibrahim Tavaci, PMP
  • Ifeoluwa Owosina
  • James Lazzarini, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Jeanine Gigante, PMP
  • Jerry Apetino
  • Jo Walker
  • Joshua Drew
  • Kristi Foyo
  • Linda Harndahl
  • Linda Harndahl
  • Moshood Oladimeji
  • Noel Gayle
  • Oluwaseun Ekundayo
  • Paije Brown
  • Reshma shinde, PMP
  • Rohit Srivastava, PMP
  • Ross Fraser
  • Ruben Doppgima
  • Sam Ingram

  • Scott Harrison, PMP
  • Reshma shinde, PMP
  • Damilare Adewunmi, PMP
  • Alison Rudd, PMP
  • Xiyue Li, PMP
  • Hakam Madi, PMP
  • chong chen, PMP
  • chong chen, PMP
  • Inga Gogulska, PMP
  • Elio Al Tannoury, PMP
  • Rob Hindle, PMP
  • Albert Kittoe, PMP

  • James Wiggins, CAPM
  • Yvonne Douglas-Dowden, PMP
  • Karim Mahmoud, CAPM
  • Kevin Montfort, PMP
  • Michael Wilkins, PMP
  • Leigh Jansen
  • Vasileios Maligkos, PMP
  • Jane Nelson, PMP
  • Brian Campbell
  • Josh Goolnik, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • George Alty
  • Basirat Afinowi
  • Harry Holmes
  • Derek Wilson, PMP
  • Sheila Smart, PMP
  • James Anderson, PMP
  • Steven Mullis, PMP

  • Abba Nwaneri
  • Adam Mooney, PMP
  • Adam Wilson
  • Adedayo Ajibola, PMP
  • Adesola Bakare, PMP
  • Ahseia Qureshi, CAPM
  • Ambrose Tati
  • Anca Popa, PMP,PMI_RMP,PMI-ACP
  • Andrew Wilding, PMP
  • Andrew Crossley
  • Anne Salmon, PMP
  • Ashwin Manikyaraju, PMP
  • Ayoola Ojo
  • Bart Schouten, PMP
  • Billy Grierson, PMP
  • Bonnie Jennings, PMP
  • Caroline Simcock, PMP
  • Catherine Lyden, PMP
  • Cecilia Block
  • Charles Dent
  • Chris Grant Field, PMP
  • Christopher Geen, PMP
  • Christopher DArgent, CAPM
  • Christopher Rogers, PMP
  • Claire MacGloin
  • Clive Wooff
  • Colin Lollback, PMP
  • Colin Kasambira
  • Corinne Arnott
  • Craig Burrow, PMP
  • Craig Russell, PMP
  • Craig Peter Burns, PMP
  • David Grover, PMP
  • David Smith
  • David Hobson, PMP
  • David Morris
  • David Evans, PMP
  • David Yates
  • David Fowler
  • Dawood Mirza
  • Derek Bell, PMP
  • Derek Wilson, PMP
  • Derya Milner, PMP
  • EDWIN Ekpiri
  • Elaine Floyd
  • Emma Browne, PMP
  • Eradahzino Ejesirino, PMI-SP
  • Eradahzino Ejesirino, PMI-SP
  • Euan Thayne, PMP
  • Fraser Christie
  • Frazer Vvendelbo-madsen
  • Fredrik Hjelmare, PMP
  • Gabriel Soleye, PMP
  • Gary Styles
  • George Alty
  • Gidon Cohen, PMP
  • Glenn Rosenberg, PMP
  • Glyn Roberts, PMP
  • Hariharan Kavassery, PMP
  • Harry Holmes
  • Helen Black, PMP
  • Hugo Minney
  • Ian Johnson, PMP
  • Ian Crowley
  • James Reid
  • James Wiggins, CAPM
  • james Williamson
  • Jenny Frances
  • Joanne Charlwood, PMP
  • John Gorman, PMP
  • Jonathan Ward
  • Jose Carmelo Santana Perdomo
  • Josh Goolnik, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Julian Day, PMP
  • Kameljeet Farmah, PMP
  • Kate Boothroyd
  • Kathryn Edwards, PMP
  • Kenneth Pearce
  • Kevin Montfort, PMP
  • Kevin Rooney
  • Kyra Smith, PgMP
  • Laura Richards
  • Lawrence Mbugua, PMP
  • Lee Rothwell
  • Les Brown
  • Lesley Kennedy
  • Liam Colleran, PMP
  • Lisa Whittaker, PMP
  • Lorraine Connick, PMP
  • Luke Mappley, PMP
  • Marc Labus, PMP
  • Marie Harrison
  • Mark Hughes, PMP
  • Mark Parkes, PMI-ACP
  • Mark Riley
  • Matthew Sinclair
  • Matthew Stevens, PMP
  • Maura Ivette Oldham, PMP
  • Mekeen Patel, PMP
  • Michael Wilkins, PMP
  • Michael Teeling, PMP
  • Michael Robert Carver, PMP
  • Moses Folarin, PMP
  • Nadya Hamedi
  • Nicholas Wilson
  • Nicholas Jones
  • Nicholas Kent, PMP
  • nick davy
  • Nicola Clark, PMP
  • Nini Anamah, PMP
  • Pantelis Mikellides, CAPM
  • Patrick Lewis, PMP
  • Patrick Culley
  • Paul Kerrigan
  • Paul Yeadon
  • Paul Argent, PMP
  • Paul Ovington
  • Paul Fay, PMP
  • Paul S Weston
  • Peter MacKellar
  • Peter Bailey, PMP
  • Peter Acton, PMP
  • Phillippa Pitt
  • Pradip Patel, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Rachel Wong, CAPM
  • Ravinder Lally
  • Reena Sonigra
  • Richard Colman, PMP
  • Rob Scurr
  • Samantha Scott
  • Shelley Crisp, PMP
  • Shyam Sundar Pushpanath
  • Sinead Devine, PMP
  • Steve Uzoma
  • Steven Mullis, PMP
  • Sushil Rapatwar, PMP
  • Tara-Jane Taylor, PMP
  • Thomas McLaughlin
  • Tina Sell, PMP
  • Tony Patterson
  • Umesh Kelkar
  • Vanishree Fitzsimons
  • vasanthakumar Ganesan
  • Vasileios Maligkos, PMP
  • Vinod Kumar Muthu, PMP
  • Yagnesh Engineer, PMP
  • Yana Staeva
  • Yvonne Douglas-Dowden, PMP
  • Zach Person, PMP
  • Zana Ahmedshareef, PMP

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