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The PMI UK Chapter welcomes you. Please join the chapter to enjoy all the exclusive benefits that membership offers.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:Due to Government advice regarding travel restrictions and social distancing that have now been put in place to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus, we are postponing our face to face events with immediate effect until further notice. These will resume when the threat of infection has decreased sufficiently.

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Upcoming Events



PMI UK Webinar: How to develop and operate a successful Lessons Learned Program as an important Organisational Process Asset. 24th June 2021

24-06-2021 12:00 pm -1:00 pm

Learning from lessons of the past projects is essential for organisations and projects to prevent mistakes from happening over and over again. Lessons Learned repositories are identified as important Organisational Process Assets (OPS), and evaluating the lessons in such repositories in key stages of the project is strongly emphasized in the PMBoK. However, many companies fail to implement successful lessons learned programs and cannot convince PMs and project teams to spend their scarce resources for learning.


PMI UK Virtual Workshop: Design Thinking for Projects. 29th June 2021

29-06-2021 6:30 pm -8:30 pm

This workshop will be an extended version of Bruce Gay's April 15th webinar for the PMI UK Chapter.

In the current business environment, project leaders must look beyond the foundational knowledge of managing projects and embrace more innovative practices and methodologies. Design Thinking enables project teams to solve business problems by following an iterative process and focusing on their customer’s or user’s standpoint. It is another method that can be added to a project leader’s toolbox to help manage risk, customer expectations, and to ensure stakeholder alignment.

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Find out about PMI's professional qualifications

PMI Offers a wide range of qualifications that will set you apart from your peers in the project management profession. Discover more about these and how to apply for examinations. 

To be eligible for these credentials, you must first meet specific educational and project or programme management experience requirements and agree to adhere to a code of professional conduct. The final step is passing a rigorous computer-based multiple-choice examination designed to objectively assess and measure your ability to apply project or programme management knowledge.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Make your mark on PMI United Kingdom Chapter and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on and to lead activities that advance the profession and support the chapter business operations by joining our chapter volunteer community. All volunteer openings are managed by the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). This system includes the ability to search for opportunities, view details about each role and apply online.

Earn PDUs by Volunteering

Volunteering Project Management Professional PDUs can be earned as part of Category E: Volunteer Service. Category E, along with Category D (Creating New Project Knowledge) and Category F (Working as a Professional in Project Management), comprise the Giving Back To The Profession Categories. You can earn PDUs in Category E (Volunteer Service) by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, and many others.

Mentoring Programme

PMI UK has skilled Mentors and enthusiastic Mentees who are looking to share knowledge and improve their professional capabilities. The PMI UK mentoring scheme supports willing Mentors and Mentees by connecting them to develop their professional skills in project, program, and portfolio management. This is a voluntary scheme that succeeds through the interest, passion, and commitment of those involved.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 2891
New Members This Year 253
PMP® Members 1644
CAPM® Members 64
PgMP® Members 10
PMI-SP® Members 5
PMI-RMP® Members 17
PMI-ACP® Members 77
PfMP® Members 7
PMI-PBA® Members 5
Members with no Certification 1170
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 2694
Student Members 177
Other Members 20
PMP/CAPM/PgMP/PMI-SP/PMI-RMP/PMI-ACP/PfMP/PMI-PBA are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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Members in Spotlight

  • Aleksandra Dulla
  • Allen Tamakloe
  • Andreea Dragomirescu, PMP
  • Catherine Ambrose
  • Dale Peacock
  • Deepa Shanmuga Sundaram, PMP
  • Jessica Parthezius
  • Marcel Van Mellaerts, PMP
  • Martin Waters
  • Meng Mei Cheong, PMP
  • Milagros del Pilar Santos Zevallos, PMP
  • Olubukola Ilufoye, PMP
  • Peter Harvey
  • Polmae Thompson, PMP
  • Robert Kallmeier
  • Scott Kaehler
  • Wahid Bencherifa, PMP

  • Khane Mitchell, PMP
  • Sachin Randunne, PMP
  • Leandro Justino da Silva, PMP
  • Uilleam MacPhee, PMP
  • Deepa Shanmuga Sundaram, PMP
  • Victor Da-Silva, PMP
  • Niall Quinn, PMP
  • Bilal Butt, PMP
  • Muhammad Burdi, PMP
  • Oscar Magnani, PMP
  • Francis Marchong, PMP

  • Dean Taylor, PMP
  • Olesea Nosrati, PMP
  • Katharine Brymer
  • John Sutcliffe, PMP
  • Gordon Pope, PMP
  • Pam Williams
  • Kevin Walker
  • Jeremy Cook, PMP
  • Ciaran Walsh, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Sean Wilson
  • Lisa Shaw, PMP
  • Matthew Robinson, PMP
  • Frank Rodgers
  • David Williams
  • Shareen Khan, PMP
  • Rupert Aries, PMP
  • Mohammad Rao, PMP
  • Ian Tennant, PMP
  • Adam Mooney, PMP

  • Adrian Sharma-Smith, PMP
  • Ahmed Mahgoub, PMP
  • Alan Knight, PMP
  • Alan Clarke, PMP
  • Alastair Law
  • Alice Verlander, PMP
  • Alison Vizulis-Vernon
  • Aliyu Sanni, PMP
  • Andrew Morgan
  • Andrew Farndell
  • Andrew Coates, PMP
  • Andy Macnie
  • Angus Macleod
  • Anna Rihs
  • Ansi Krishnan
  • Anthony Wynne, PMI-ACP
  • Antonio Pereira, PMP
  • Anubhava Agarwal
  • Asha Hope, CAPM
  • Baba Isa
  • banu bilen, PMP
  • Benedicte Menn, PMP
  • BENJAMIN Amoah
  • Brendan Gallagher
  • Brian Murphy, PMP
  • Brian Martin, PMP
  • Brigitte Houghton, CAPM
  • Carlos Eduardo Serra, PMP
  • Christopher West
  • Christopher Leach, PMP
  • Ciaran Walsh, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Colin Gibson
  • Colin Davis
  • Daniel Kinful, PMP
  • Daniel Vallance, PMP
  • David Gibson, PMP
  • David Turner, PMP
  • Des Meehan
  • Emma-Ruth arnaz-pemberton
  • Frank Rodgers
  • Garrett Roche, PMP
  • Garth Matthews
  • Gary Mercer
  • Gerhard Nel, PMP
  • Graham Farrer
  • Grant Lewis, PMP
  • Hassib Mirza
  • Heather Fowler, PMP
  • Iain McPhail, PMP
  • Ian Verso, CAPM
  • James Casareto
  • Jane Dowson
  • Janusz KLich
  • Jennifer Whitten
  • Jennifer Hartnoll
  • Jennifer Calland
  • Jeremy Cook, PMP
  • Joanne Hayward, PMP
  • Joanne Grocott, PMP
  • John Lee
  • John Walsh, PMP
  • John Storr, PMP
  • John Davidson
  • John Hall, CAPM
  • Jon-Henri Sherwood
  • Jose Gresa, PMP
  • Juan Carlos Melendres Guerrero
  • Katharine Brymer
  • Kathryn Buchan, PMP
  • Keith Torrance, PMP
  • Keith Pickavance
  • Keith Burton
  • Keith Rodgers, PMP
  • Kevin Baylis, PMP
  • Kevin Teburi, PMP
  • Khaled Nour
  • Kohan Rebeiro, PMP
  • Kotoko Osumi-Sutherland, CAPM
  • Lars Solberg
  • Lauren Moy, PMP
  • Leigh Jansen
  • Leon Toland, PMP
  • Lilian Jeronymo Stead
  • Lionel D Cruz
  • Lisa Greaves
  • Louise Hughes
  • Lucy King
  • Malcolm Beach
  • Manjunath Gavade, PMP
  • Manuel Gomes da Costa, PMP
  • Marek Rudzki, PMI-ACP
  • Maria Perez, PMP
  • Maria Theoclitou, PMP
  • Mark Waller
  • Mark Simpson, PMP
  • Martin Box, PMP
  • Martin Thorpe, PMP
  • Matthew Robinson, PMP
  • Mayyad Bader, PMP
  • Melissa Gibson, PMP
  • Michael Duckett, PMP
  • Mukund Kulkarni
  • Nadine Schaefer
  • Olesea Nosrati, PMP
  • Pam Williams
  • Paul Curtis, PMP
  • Paul Smith, PMP
  • Pavan Gogu, PMP
  • Pete Curtis, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Peter Havlicek, PMP
  • Peter Smith, PMP
  • Philip Atherton
  • Philipp Fersch, PMP
  • Prakash Mattipalli, PMP
  • Rakesh Nayak, PMP
  • Rob White, PMP
  • Rowan Pulford, PMP
  • Ruth Hunter, PMP
  • Ryan Wilkinson
  • Sandra Davison
  • Satnam Bhogal, PMP
  • Shailesh Nair
  • Simon White
  • Sinead Quinn, PMP
  • Sohail Ahmed, PMP
  • Srinivas Boddupalli, PMP
  • Stephen Edgeworth, PMP
  • Stuart Mitchell
  • Sue Thomas
  • Susan Hewitt
  • Takatoshi Obata, PMP
  • Tanya Roberts, PMP
  • Thomas Hill
  • Timothy Kirima, PMP
  • Tobias Powell, PMP
  • Tom Heath, PMP
  • Tony Howard, PMP
  • Tony Pidduck
  • Trevor Best, PMP
  • Trina Webb
  • Vidhur Bansal
  • Vijay Kutty
  • Warren Phillips, PMP
  • William MacBean
  • Wojciech Koloska

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